About Jog for Henry's Dog

I'd like to introduce myself as a very blessed mother of three amazing and special little boys. Hunter is 8, and twins Hayden & Henry are 4. Henry is my extra special little boy who was diagnosed with Autistic Disorder at the age of two. Henry has been dealing with feeding, sensory, speech and other 'health' issues since being born three months pre-mature weighing 2lbs 1oz in March 2008. Although Henry deals with these trial and tribulations on a daily basis he is truly one of the happiest little boys you will ever meet. After much research on ways to help Henry live life to the fullest we discovered information on Autism Service Dogs. Upon reading about the numerous ways these specially trained dogs could help Henry in his everyday struggles we were determined to integrate this wonderful 'service' into Henry's life. Although many of the therapy's and services Henry receives are fortunately funded by both private insurance and Medicaid through his disability waiver in Iowa, the cost of a service dog, between $10,000 - $20,000, is not. We were very fortunate to receive Henry's dog, "Hope" through a donation from "Knapp Goldendoodles" (www.theknappkennels.com) in March 2012. Hope is being trained by the staff at Starlite Academy (www.starliteacademy.net) in Bennett, IA. After much thought on how we could raise funds to help with the cost of Hope's training, we, along with some great friends, came up with the idea of "Jog For Henry's Dog". It is our BIG annual fundraising event. A 1 mile fun walk/jog WITH YOUR DOG! Our mission with the "Jog For Henry's Dog" Foundation is to create awareness about the benefits, cost and need for autism service dogs and provide financial assistance to other families with autistic children in need.
~ Shannon